The Get Together currently partners with 25 Houston-based ministries. Each month, our Emerging and Featured Partner Ministries submit their most pressing needs to us to share with our network. If you can meet any of these needs or have a contact, please let us know and we'll connect you.
Bel Inizio
  • Challenge Need: Ideas on how to motivate my board that I can put into action immediately.
  • Needs:
    • Introduction to Key Note Speaker: Need an introduction to well-known key note speaker (Mattress Mack was 2019) or sports figure to draw in guests to Bel Inizio’s 4/2020 fundraising dinner.
    • Blood Pressure Cuffs – Battery Operated (Qty: 4): We monitor our clients blood pressure during our 8-week training to identify both improvements and concerns. Must be battery operated. May be used.
    • Grocery Store Gift Cards Value $10 and Up (Qty: 25): We provide fresh fruit to all our clients after each workout. Gift cards will be used to supply healthy options after each of the 64 workouts we will host this fall.
    • White Tube Socks (packs of 6-10 pair) (Qty: 100): We partner with several homeless shelters providing new socks for the homeless. Can be ordered on Amazon and mailed to 7710 Del Rey, Houston, Texas 77071.
Building and Restoring Hope
  • Challenge Need: Any advice from someone with expertise on acquiring commercial property within Opportunity Zones would be appreciated.
  • Needs:
    •  Rodeo tickets (Agventure Tour)(30-40): We’d like for our clients to experience the AGVENTURE Tour as a way to practice their social skills and have a good time.
    • Cleaning/Janitorial Supplies: The materials needed to clean for 60+ persons per day can add up. It would be a huge benefit if we could have products like Clorox Wipes, Bleach, Toilet Bowl cleaner etc. donated.
    • Dessert(10): We host a lavish Thanksgiving Meal for our clients every year. We need apple, sweet potato and Pecan pies. along with Cakes to help us show our clients just how thankful we are to serve them. We will need these items by November 25th
    • $20.00 Walmart Gift cards(70): Christmas is around the corner and we want to prepare our client stockings early. We are requesting Walmart Gift Cards so they can shop for hygiene products like soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Clothed by Faith
  • Challenge Need: We have a fundraising golf tournament next month, how can we best cultivate the contacts we make through this into long term donors?
  • Needs:  
    • A new, like new or refurbished iPad (1): needed ASAP. 
    • Silent Auction Items: For our Fundraising Golf Tournament at Champions Golf Course. 
Crosswalk Center
  • Challenge Need: 
  • Needs:
    • Help Locating Properties to Lease: We have a need to secure leases for houses to expand our program. Currently we are struggling to find properties that fit the criteria necessary for transitional homes.
    • Lockable Mailbox: Our transitional home has need of a mailbox that is able to be locked to protect our clients mail.
Elijah Rising
  • Challenge Need: Our staff is often spread thin and over-extended. Would like insight from others who lead multifaceted orgs on remaining focused on core goals, opportunities, engagements, and programs.
  • Needs:
    • Rural Internet Solution: The Elijah Rising Restoration Campus needs a 200+ ft. internet service tower built on the property to provide reliable service to the residents and surrounding area.
    • Gift Cards for Survivors (Qty: 12): To provide special outings to resident-survivors in the restoration program. Gift Cards to Cinemark, Target, and HEB are preferred.
    • Blu Ray Player (Qty: 1): For residents of Restoration Campus to watch movies during down time.
    • Adult Bicycles (Qty: 3): To provide needed exercise and recreation to residents of the Restoration Campus.
Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS)
  • Challenge Need: We would like feedback on our brochure.
  • Needs:
    • Clorox Wipes
    • Boxes of Kleenex
    • Hand Soap – Dispensers and Refills
    • Zip Lock Freezer Bags – Gallon Size
Friends of Northside
  • Challenge Need: Graphic design help on how to create a professional flagship flyer for Friends of Northside programming.
  • Needs:
    • Fleece Blankets (100): The local high school has asked if we could donate blankets for their students during the Christmas program “Gifts of Love” to meet the basic needs of the students.
    • Children’s Bibles (25): We want to give the students in our afterschool program, You Can Academy, a their own Bible as a gift.
    • Large Gift Bags (100): To meet the basic needs at our local high school’s event “Gifts of Love” we will be gift wrapping donations such as hygiene products, blankets, clothing, etc for the students.
    • Spanish/English Bibles (30): We want to provide the adults in our English as a Second Language class their own Bible. Since many are beginners, we would like to have the Bible be in both Spanish and English.
Fuller Family Therapy
  • Challenge Need: We are in the infancy stages of attempting to track client outcomes. We would love to hear how best we could do this and what resources we would need to best accomplish this.
  • Needs:  
    • iPads or Tablets (Qty: 3): We need iPads or tablets to use in the lobbies of our offices for clients to fill out intake paperwork and weekly surveys and assessments.
    • Consultant to help with Metrics (Qty: 1): We need a way to measure outcome of clients and measure quality of therapists and a way to track these metrics.
  • Challenge Need: We are looking how to develop our staff, specifically our front line employees.  Perhaps a connection to a life coach would be helpful with our direct care staff’s daily challenges.
  • Needs:
    • Fire Extinguishers for our New Duplexes (6). We’ve recently had new families move into our new duplexes.  We’d like to have fire extinguishers to be in each duplex.
    • Playscape Playground (1). One of our playgrounds for a duplex has been very loved.  It’s currently falling apart and we need a new one for the children who live there.
    • Basketball Goal (regulation sized,  adjustable, portable)(1). We have several older boys who love to play basketball after school everyday.  Our current goal is broken and can’t be changed to accommodate the younger players.
    • Enneagram Coach. We are interested in doing a staff development program, using the enneagram method for team building and individual development.
Generation One
  • Challenge Need: Overall community awareness and support.
  • Needs:
    • $50 Walmart gift cards (90). These are given has gifts to Generation One families as part of the holiday celebration.
    • New or gently used holiday lighting and decor for Christmas at Generation One.
His Whole House
  • Challenge Need: Our core team struggles with how their strengths can contribute to the overall synergy of the organization. What assessment tools have you found successful in developing and building a functional team?
  • Needs:
    • iPads (3): To implement a formalized Therapeutic  Practice survey and client evaluations. 
    • Bookkeeper (1): Bookkeeper who is familiar with Quickbooks Premier 2019 to look at our current system and help us create a job description for a volunteer bookkeeper.
    • Canon Toner Cartridges (4): Our office printer needs new toner cartridges.  Canon Cartridge 131H in Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta
    • Marketing and communications strategy: We need a professional assessment of our current marketing materials, newsletter, blog, and social media strategy to connect with our demographic and potential donors.
Houston Welcomes Refugees
  • Challenge Need: For the ministries you support/volunteer with, what drew you to them? What do they do well?
  • Needs:
    • Thanksgiving Decorations/Pumpkins (Qty: 15): For our Thanksgiving Event with our refugee families on Nov. 9. Fall table and room decorations, e.g. pumpkins and fall leaves. No Halloween themed decor, please.
    • White Boards (Qty: 2): We need whiteboards for our office space to use for brainstorming and planning. We are flexible on size but around 3 ft by 2 ft or 4 ft by 3 ft preferred.
    • iPad (Qty: 1): To check in volunteers and attendees at orientations and events. Needs to run iOS 11.0 or above
    • Full Sized Bedding Kits (Qty: 10): We need Full/Queen Sized bedding Sets for newly arrived refugee families.. A set includes two pillows, a Full/Queen sized sheet set, and a Full/Queen Sized Comforter.
Impact Houston
  • Challenge Need: How can we manage our budget and inventory more efficiently?
  • Needs:
    • Sports Balls, e.g. Soccer, Football, Volleyball, etc. (Qty: 5): Children and youth programs.
    • Elmers Glue, 4 oz Bottles (Qty: 96): For Bible crafts during children’s program throughout the year.
    • Scotch Tape in Little Dispensers (Qty: 100): For Bible crafts during children’s program throughout the year.
    • 6-8’ Glass Front Refrigerator (3 door grocery store style) (Qty: 1): Would be for use in the Resource Center for people to select their foods that we provide for them.
Main Street Ministries
  • Challenge Need: Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement
  • Needs:
    • Washable Markers (Qty: 6): 6 packages (8 count in ea. package) of Crayola Washable Markers for Kidzone program.
    • LARGE PRINT Bibles (Qty: 15): 15 – LARGE PRINT Bibles to be used in our various programs.
    • Cookies & Crackers Variety Packs (Qty: 3): 3 – Packs of individually wrapped cookies and crackers (45 count total per pack) for our Kidzone program.
    • Table Top Easels (Qty: 2): 2 – black Table Top Instant Display Easels for exhibiting pictures and information about MSM for various events.
Ministry Assistance of the Near Northwest Alliance (MANNA)
  • Challenge Need: How to boost board engagement and get them excited to be involved in the day-to-day.
  • Needs:
    • Legal Advice: We need some help navigating a situation.
    • Marketing Professional: In need of a marketing professional to draw out a plan to help us increase store sales from $12,000 to $20,000.
    • Packs of Printing Paper (20)
    • iPads (2): Ipads to help our food pantry workers with client intake process
Nehemiah Center
  • Challenge Need: We need help identifying ways to discover candidates for employment.  We are currently in need of a new Development Director.
  • Needs:
    • Mini Fridge (Qty: 1): We are in need of a mini fridge for our staff.
    • Wheelbarrow (Qty: 1): Our current wheel barrel is on its last wheel! We have several projects like our sand boxes in which we require a wheel barrel to haul the sand to refill the boxes for the children.
    • Microphone Stand (Qty: 1): For our praise and worship time.
    • 32″ TV or bigger (flat screen) (Qty: 1): Tv is needed for our PreK-3.
Pro-Christ Ministries
  • Challenge Need: As our attendance is growing we are in need of more helping hands, we are offering regular basis sign ups and/or occasional availability.
  • Needs: 
    • A Christian guest speaker for kids and volunteers: We would like to have a guest, a rapper, a sports player, a uniformed authority, (fire fighter, police, soldier, etc) to talk to the children about God’s goodness when we work hard for a goal.
    • Wireless Speaker (1): We are looking for a portable wireless speaker loud enough to do worship with the kids. (Blootooth Speaker Anker in Amazon $59.99)
    • An Obedient Heart (wooden heart for object lessons)(1): We would like to get this to do object lessons for the kids. This is a tool to present the gospel to children and would like to have it for the several places as a handy visual.
    • Laminating pouches for name tags with clips (50): The children that attend more than 3 times get their name laminated as part of belonging and as an easier way to check in and out.
Restoring Justice
  • Challenge Need: Event Planning; we hope to gain guidance on planning a dinner we are hoping to host this year.
  • Needs: 
    • Wood Top Rectangle Coffee Tables (Seats 4) (Qty: 4): We’re moving into new space and need help furnishing to open our space as well as host community members!
    • Wood Top Square Coffee Tables (Seats 2) (Qty: 4): We’re moving into new space and need help furnishing to open our space as well as host community members!
    • Mechanic Work (Qty: 1): Our ’99 Tahoe Needs some tender loving care, i.e, battery replacement and lock system, ignition evaluation
    • Wood Top Conference Table (seats min. 8) (Qty: 1): We’re moving into new space and need help furnishing to open our space as well as host community members!
The Landing
  • Challenge Need: Donor Appreciation Discussion: Describe a time you felt most appreciated by a nonprofit or charitable organization. What did they do and how did it impact you?
  • Needs:
    • Event Photographer/Videographer (Qty: 1): To capture moments at our 4th Annual Christmas Breakfast Fundraiser on December 6th from 6:30-9am at Safari Texas Ranch. Willing to pay. Prefer low/discount rate.
    • Nonprofit Attorney (Qty: 1): To help review and guide us in the process of updating organizational bylaws and various documentation. Willing to pay for these services!
    • Hot Meal for 15 Survivors (Qty: 4): 4 individuals or small groups that would host a hot meal at the drop-in center for 15 survivors on a Wednesday afternoon. Okay to cook a meal or order something catered.
    • Companies to Make “Cold Weather Kits” (Qty: 2): 2 companies to make “Cold Weather Kits” for survivors of human trafficking! Our staff will help coordinate this event for your employees to collect gloves, hats, & scarves and then bundle them together to be later used by our staff on street outreach. This is a great team-building opportunity for employees to learn about human trafficking and impact survivors together!
The Mission of Yahweh
  • Challenge Need: Need ideas for new revenue streams – professional brainstorming session
  • Needs:
    • Twin & Queen Size Thermal Blankets (50). Cooler weather is coming and once our residents leave The Mission they take their bedding with them, so we are forever replacing with new bedding.
    • Largest Print Bibles (100). Many of our residents are challenged with visual empairment and so is our community.  We distribute Bibles to the residents and the community and need these items in order for them to be able to read the word.
    • Spanish Bibles (any version)(100). We provide bibles to our residents and to the community and many of them need the Spanish Language Bibles in order to study the word.
    • Sheets/Pillow Cases (100). When our residents move on to their own apartments they take their sheets/blankets with them.  We are needing to replace and store up for current and future residents.
The Prayer Institute
  • Needs:
    • 150 Basic Round 1½ inch to 2 inch white view binders.

    • 25 Avery Classic 6 sets – of 1-12 tab customizable table of contents dividers – template #11196.

    • 2 boxes of Avery 2 ¼ x 3 ½  – 100 Clip Style Name Badges – template #74461.

    • 2 boxes (each containing eight reams) multi-purpose white copy paper.
    • 2 packs of 11×17 white cardstock paper – 65 lb.
Youth for Christ Houston
  • Challenge Need:Best way to recruit strong board members?
  • Needs:
    • 12 Passenger Vans for an Outing Nov. 16th (Qty: 3): Transportation for 30-40 youth to Brenham ranch.
    • Puzzles, Coloring Books, Yarn for Crocheting (Qty: 50): Activities for kids, This is an on-going need.
    • Person to Teach Golf Lessons at the League City Facility (Qty: 1): Introduce the sport & demo basics to teens.