The Get Together is a network of business men and women from across the city who collaboratively join together to respond to needs of Christ-centered organizations. Attendees have an opportunity to meet ministry leaders and use their business expertise and resources to make a difference in our community.
The Get Together Network With Purpose Lunches are not monetary fundraisers. Attendees are encouraged to reach out to their network to help ministries identify resources that will help them further their cause. These needs may include material items (in-kind) like office furniture, cleaning supplies, etc. as well as professional expertise like creating a strategic plan for communication or project management. We want to know what you know about business, strategy, networking and creative problem-solving.

Our focus is on getting people involved in serving ministries in our city.

Since our inception in July 2003, the combined efforts of our four Get Together Chapters has met 9,116 ministry needs valued at $5,666,156. Get Together members have given over 17,751 hours of volunteer time and pro bono professional services.

The Get Together partners with selected ministries that have been vetted through an application process by the executive director and board of directors. Applications are available between March 1 – May 15. While anyone can attend our lunches and networking events, we only feature our Partner Ministries at those events. Other ministries who attend are not able to promote their work but we encourage them to come and be supportive of the Partner Ministries represented. One of the requirements for partnering with The Get Together is that a ministry must have attended at least one networking lunch prior to application.